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    I am pleased to announce that, thanks to Robert Yang (superyangt at corpus4u), the corpus4u edition of the Olympia Release of ICTCLAS is now available for download (special thanks go to Kevin Zhang for his generosity). This release is MUCH more accurate, reliable, and faster than version 1.0 in released in 2002 and this new version used to be licensed for an annual fee.

    On behalf corpus4uers, I would like to express our appreciation of Robert's contribution to corpus. Thank you, Robert! :)

    Download the software tool here:
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    Appreciate deeply your painstaking efforts and contribution to corpus, Robert Yang, Kevin Zhang and xiaoz. It is really effective, thanks for sharing!
  3. Robert Yang thanks Dr. Xiao for the work of providing a download source and publishing this tool on the forum.
    He also owes his thanks to Kevin Zhang, the author of ICTCLAS 2008, for his generosity of sharing the best Chinese segmentation tool free of charge.
    He would like to listen to any report of bugs and suggestion for improvement from any corpus4uer.
    This is just the beginning.
    Thank you for your concern.
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    Thanks for the contribution! Is there a documentation for the use of the dll?
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    Great to see a corpus4u edition of the Olympia Release of ICTCLAS. Out thanks go to Robert, Richard, and of course the author Kevin.
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    Thanks, guys!
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    nice work, nice people
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    Thanks all for sharing the tool for us!
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    Have you kept the the folder structure when you unzipped the archive. You will need to have a folder named "data" in the program folder.

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    Some files may be corrupted. Try to download it again at:
  15. Xudekuan先生,icitclas2008.exe可执行文件必须与以下文件(夹)处在同一目录下,方可正常运行:ICTCLAS30.lib,ICTCLAS30.dll,ICTCLAS30.h,Configure.xml 4个文件以及Data文件夹(包括里面的所有文件)。以上文件缺一不可,否则就会出现“分词程序初始化失败!请确保所需文件齐全。”的提示。请您重新从Xiao博士的网页上下载,或从Hong博士的网盘上下载。
    ——Robert Young
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