Developing an International Corpus of Creative English


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Developing an International Corpus of Creative English
World Englishes 25/1 (2006): 131-151

This paper proposes an International Corpus of Creative English (ICCE) as a worldwide
corpus particularly suitable for easy implementation in countries which have tertiary
institutions with well-defined populations of students possessing similar cultural and/or
linguistic backgrounds. The ICCE is contextualized as a world Englishes corpus with
reference to the International Corpus of English (ICE) and the International Corpus of
Learner English (ICLE). Centred round the Extremely Short Story Competition (ESSC),
introduced at the Second Asia TEFL Conference in Korea (2004), the ICCE will provide
potential in terms of intercultural/interlinguistic research and also practical exploitation in
the wider community for both educational and commercial purposes. Specifics of the
ESSC are provided in order to introduce a tightly structured contest which has proved to
be an extremely efficient instrument for the generation of texts both inside and outside the
(language teaching) classroom.