Survey request from Prof. Chris Tribble

Dear All,

Prof. Chris Tribble asked me to sent this request to my colleagues around Asia.



Chris Tribble教授请我向亚洲的同事们发送本次调查。


Dear Colleagues - this is the 4th survey that I've made in the last
20 years of the extent to which language teachers are using corpora in their
professional practice. I'm running this one as part of my preparation for a
plenary lecture I will be giving at the TALC conference in Warsaw in July.

If you are involved in language education, I would be very grateful if you
could complete the short survey that you will find at:

Please complete the survey even if you're NOT using corpora in your work as
a language teacher - part of my interest is to see why people do, and do
not, make use of these kinds of resource in language education. I'd also be
VERY grateful if you could forward this invitation to any other lists that
you subscribe to, or organisations whose members might be interested.
Many thanks for your cooperation.

Best regards

Chris Tribble
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回复: Survey request from Prof. Chris Tribble

I have just completed the survey.

Thank you, Laurence, for your contribution to AntConc.