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    SOftware to convert PDF files to txt.

    AntFileConverter A freeware tool to convert PDF files into plain text for use in corpus tools like AntConc. http://www.laurenceanthony.net/software/antfileconverter/
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    Corpus Linguistics 2015 (Lancaster, UK) Conference Programme

    CL2015 Abstract Book is available now online: http://ucrel.lancs.ac.uk/cl2015/doc/CL2015-AbstractBook.pdf
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    Corpus Linguistics 2015 (Lancaster, UK) Conference Programme

    Doug Biber gets us underway with the first plenary talk at CL2015. Biber challenges the wisdom that language change originates in spoken language, concluding that academic writing is not at all 'uptight' but among the most agile and innovative in terms of historical change. There are also...
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    CoLTA 2015

    The International Conference on Corpus Linguistics and Technological Advancement 2015 (CoLTA 2015), which is organized by the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, the Hong Kong Institute of Education, will be held on 16-18 December 2015. The CoLTA 2015 conference aims to...
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    回复: 求助怎样在BNC或COCA的在线语料库中搜索既可做名词,又可做动词的词呢? For a more advanced corpus user, a more systematic approach is to retag the corpus using JCLaws adopting the vertical format, which shows one token per line showing all possible POS tags in its context with their probabilities. (The horizontal format...
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    回复: 求助:汉语词性标注中的dl是什么意思 dl: adverbial formulaic expression
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    2005-2015 corpus4u.org 10岁了

    回复: 2005-2015 corpus4u.org 10岁了 Yes, its 10th anniversary is April 15th, and I became a corpus4u member on May 14th 2005.
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    Adam Kilgarriff

    Adam Kilgarriff, father of Sketch Engine and an internationally renowned computational linguist and corpus linguist, passed away on the evening of Saturday 16th may 2015. https://blog.kilgarriff.co.uk/ Adam will be sorely missed and remembered by many of his peers and friends; and his...
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    请问谁有Michael Lewis的Teaching collocation: Further developments in the lexical approach

    回复: 请问谁有Michael Lewis的Teaching collocation: Further developments in the lexical appro http://bookzz.org/book/1264887/08af3e
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    New corpus journal: call for papers

    回复: New corpus journal: call for papers Papers published in international journals can certainly be studies on the Chinese language but they must be written in English. Linguistic examples in languages other than English must be given in the original language (e.g. Chinese characters and/or...
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    回复: 请教一个统计分析问题 Yes thanks. I've corrected it.
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    回复: 请教一个统计分析问题 What you mentioned is to compare the means of the groups. But in your case you can use the log likelihood test to find out whether the differences in the frequencies of the inflectional form and the periphrasic form in the two corpora are statistically significant, on the basis...
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    2014 SSCI linguistics journal list

    2014年SSCI收录语言学学科期刊172种目录 SOCIAL SCIENCES CITATION INDEX LINGUISTICS - JOURNAL LIST Total journals: 172 SCI、SSCI、A&HCI均收录语言与语言学期刊,2014年SSCI收录语言学学科期刊172种,其中被SCI、SSCI、A&HCI共同收录语言与语言学期刊3种:Computational Linguistics《计算语言学》、Natural Language Engineering《自然语言工程》、Phonetica《语音学》。...
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    Corpora Journal: 3 issues per volume starting in 2015

    Starting with Volume 10 in 2015, the Corpora journal is expanded to publish three issues per volume each year.
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    Announcing CQPwebInABox

    Lancaster University has announced the release of CQPwebInABox. See Andrew Hardie's message below: Hi everybody, This is just a quick note to announce the availability of CQPwebInABox – a virtual machine image containing a pre-installed copy of CQPweb. This will allow you to have your...