CL2021: Corpus Linguistics 2021, July 13-17, 2021


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CL2021: Corpus Linguistics 2021
13th - 16th July 2021, hosted online by
University of Limerick, Ireland

The International Corpus Linguistics Conference is a biennial conference that explores corpus approaches to language research.
This conference encompasses discourse studies, technology-mediated communication, language acquisition, literature, lexicography, speech, sociolinguistics and computational linguistics, among others.

The theme of this year's conference is Corpus Linguistics in Changing Times: Challenges and Solutions.

List of Topics
  • Strand 1 – Corpus Methods and Innovations: Innovations in Corpus Design, Analysis and Annotation Tools; Critical Reflections on Corpus Methods; Advances in Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Analysing Corpora; Innovations in Statistics for CL.
  • Strand 2 – Corpus Linguistics, Pragmatics and Discourse in Context: Corpus Approaches to Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis; Corpus Pragmatics; Historical Corpus Linguistics; CL and Real-World Contexts e.g. Forensic Linguistics, Media Discourse, Healthcare Discourse, Classroom Discourse; Workplace Discourse.
  • Strand 3 – Corpus Linguistics and Applied Linguistics: Learner Corpus Research; CL and Second Language Acquisition; Data-Driven Learning; CL for Materials Development; CL and Teacher Education; CL and Lexicography.
  • Strand 4 – Corpus Linguistics, Literature, Texts and Register: CL and Register Studies; Corpus Stylistics; CL and Literary Linguistics; CL and Translation Studies.
  • Strand 5 – Corpus Linguistics and Speech: CL Speech Technology; CL and Multimodality; Spoken Corpora; Corpus Phonology.
  • Strand 6 – Corpus Linguistics and Sociolinguistics: CL and Language Change; Language Varieties and Variation; CL and Minority Language Studies.
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