PhD and post-docs positions available


Staff member
Institution/Organization: Johns Hopkins University/Brown University

Department: Computer Science/Engineering
Level: PhD
Duties: Research
Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics


The combined faculties in speech recognition and natural language
processing at Johns Hopkins University and Brown University are now
seeking qualified and motivated graduate students to pursue research in
the areas of machine translation and the new field of speech
reconstruction through the PIRE program. Students participating in PIRE
will not only be provided with funding for their Ph.D. studies in the
United States, but will have the rare opportunity to spend a semester or
two studying and conducting research abroad with the highly reputed
computational linguists of Charles University (in Prague, Czech
Republic) and/or Saarland University (in Saarbrücken, Germany). Because
the program is designed with such international interaction in mind,
this travel should not delay progress toward their Ph.D.

Interested students must be enrolled full-time at either Johns Hopkins
University or Brown University. For information regarding application to
the universities, see the admissions sites and application forms listed


Additional questions and interest in participating in the PIRE program
may be directed to Laura Graham at JHU:
Phone:+1 (410) 516-4237
Fax: +1 (410) 516-5050

Mailing Address for PIRE Applications:

Attn: Laura Graham
JHU Center for Language and Speech Processing
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218

Applications are due by: 13-Jul-2006