MA/MSc in Computational Linguistics

Haiyang Ai

Staff member
Computational Linguistics:
MA / MSc Student, University of Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Date: 16-Mar-2006
From: Ann Copestake <>
Subject: Computational Linguistics: MA / MSc Student, University of Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Institution/Organization: University of Cambridge
Department: Computer Laboratory / Engineering
Level: MA / MSc
Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics, Speech Processing


The main aim of the MPhil course in Computer Speech, Text and Internet
Technology is to teach the fundamental theory of speech and natural language
processing and its use in a variety of advanced applications, especially those
related to the Internet. Applications covered include information retrieval,
information extraction, dialogue systems, machine translation and question

The course runs from early October to the end of June and consists of two terms
of lectures and practicals followed by a project. There are strong links with
industry and many of our past students have gone on to work for start-ups and
industrial research laboratories, either immediately or after completing a PhD.

Cambridge is a major international centre for research in both speech and
language processing. The course is taught by leading researchers in these areas
who have active collaborations with industrial and academic laboratories in
Europe, the US and Japan.

A number of studentships are available for qualifying UK and EU applicants. We
especially encourage applications from students with a background in
engineering, computer science or mathematics.

Web Address for Applications:

Applications are due by: 31-Mar-2006

Contact Information:

Lise Gough


我们学校,University of Arizona,现在也有这个program. 但感觉还是speech processing 比较多。
Northern Arizona State University有corpus的课,好像是因为Biber在那里。但除此之外并没有单独的computational专业。