Answer to Asan: subordinate clause in CLEC


1)… millions of bicycles are in use in Guangzhou, forming a magnificent picture. A lot of people go to work by bicycle. Alternatively, some people make use of buses, which are also an important means of transportation. [ sn7 7-] Countless buses, like huge insects, crawl on the wide roads in Guangzhou, providing its citizens with great conveniences…

"which" after comma can mean two things. The writer intends to use "which" to refer to "buses". But i feel without a definite article "the", "which" may not be used as a reference. He should have said "some people make use of the bus, which is also an ...".
"which" could also refer to the clause before it. e.g. "Some people make use of buses, which is good" (Making use of the buses is good.) The machine probably parses in this way, and therefore "which are ... means of transportation" would be ungrammatical and doesn't make sense. At least the "which" is ambiguous, and for one of the meanings the structure is wrong.

2)In our country [sn9,-] most resources are spread [wd3, 3-1] everywhere, including remote areas and some areas that [pr5 s-] the trasportation [fm1,-] is convenient.
some areas in which/where the transportation is convenient.

3)There is not a period in history that [pr5 s-] people are more "learned".
There is not a period in history in which people are ...

4)This has been my impression on the classes I"ve attended in this institute and I wish I"ll always have that last kind. TWO SCHOOLS [sn9,-] The first impress[fm1,-] on [pr5,2-6] that schools A and B give you are different stepping into school A,[sn8,s]you"ll see a small garden with roses camellias, cannas and other colorful flowers .

The first impression that school A and B give you are different. (no "on")