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Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface (ELeGI 2006)

The English Department at the University of Hanover, Germany will host a 3-day international conference entitled "Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface" (ELeGI) from 5-7 October 2006. Please follow the link
to find more information about the conference.
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"Exploring the Lexis-Grammar Interface" Conference...
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 13:09:45 +0200


The following papers have been accepted for presentation at ELeGI 2006:

AGAMEYA, Amira: Structural variation in complementation: The complements of
verbs commonly associated with the subjunctive
BEERS-FÄGERSTEN, Kristy: The lexico-grammatical interface of competing
contractions in English
BERLAGE, Eva: Cognitive complexity at the lexis-grammar interface: The loss
of the verbal coda in topic-restricting as far as constructions
BUSSE, Beatrix: Lexical items in Early Modern English and their semantic,
pragmatic as well as cultural associations
BUSSE, Ulrich & Anne SCHRÖDER: Fowler’s Modern English Usage at the
interface of lexis and grammar
CACCHIANI, Silvia: Lexico-functional categories and complex collocations:
The case of intensifiers
DIANI, Giuliana: The behaviour of adverbs in spoken English: The case of
really in the BNC
DUGUID, Alison: Loud signatures
ELLIS, Nick, Rita SIMPSON-VLACH & Carson MAYNARD: The processing of formulas
in native and second-language speakers: Psycholinguistic and corpus
ELLIS, Nick, Eric FREY & Isaac JALKANEN: Psycholinguistic investigations of
semantic prosody: When good words fall into bad company
ENE, Estela: Using corpora to research advanced second language writing
FACCHINETTI, Roberta: The expression of futurity in English varieties: The
case of BE GOING TO
FUKAYA, Teruhiko: Remarks on syntactic and lexical aspects of the
coordinators when and though
HARTMAN, Jenny: Construing a bit: Combining corpus linguistics and Cognitive
HERBST, Thomas: Valency between syntax and lexis
HOECHE, Silke: A corpus Cbased investigation of cognate object constructions
IYEIRI, Yoko: The historical development of the verb doubt
KOLBE, Daniela: The semantic and grammatical overlap of as and that:
Evidence from non-standard English
KRAUSSE, Sylvana: Patterns in domain-specific language: Can every dictionary
entry be a mini-grammar?
LINDQUIST, Hans & Magnus LEVIN: The syntactic properties of recurrent
phrases with body part terms
MAHLBERG, Michaela: Local textual functions of lexical items in newspaper
story patterns
MANCA, Elena: Adjectives and phraseology: Describing rooms, surroundings and
food in the language of tourism
MEUNIER, Fanny: From corpus research findings to classroom practice:
Crossing the lexis-grammar bridge
MEYER, Matthias: Reconsidering the evidence for indirect and direct objects:
A reanalysis of some ‘ditransitive’ and ‘complex-transitive verbs’
MÖHLIG-FALKE, Ruth: The Old English impersonal-accusative/dative
construction: On the interaction between lexical and constructional meaning
MONDORF, Britta: 'Outrageous mismatches between syntax and semantics'? New
insights emerging from corpus-based studies of English resultatives
MURPHY, Amanda C. & Pierfranca FORCHINI: Investigating 4-grams headed by
common prepositions in Business English
PACE-SIGGE, Michael: Priming as a marker of dialect in speech communities:
Intensifiers in spoken informal Scouse and in spoken informal UK English
PARADOWSKI, Michal B.: Lexicalised grammar or grammaticalised lexis? The
language-interface perspective
PISHWA, Hanna: Single rules, lexically constrained patterns, or a system?
RYAN, Lorraine: Cohesion and appraisal analyses of an academic and a poetic
SAILER, Manfred: Modelling the lexis-grammar interface in a competence-based
framework: The case of bound words
SIEPMANN, Dirk: Lexis, sentence building and text grammar: Linguistic and
pedagogic issues
SPINZI, Cinzia & Denise MILIZIA: The ‘terroridiom’ principle between spoken
and written discourse
STOITCHKOV, Rossen: Grammaticalised lexis: Bridging the gap between words
and sentences
SZMRECSANYI, Benedikt: Trigger Happy lexis: The case of lexical persistence
TANKÓ, Gyula & Krisztina KÁROLY: Lexico-grammatical correlates of sentences
with special discourse functions in Anglo-American type of argumentative
TOGNINI BONELLI, Elena: The role of corpora in linguistic description:
Between lexis and grammar
TSIAMITA, Fanie: Polysemy and Lexical Priming
UHRIG, Peter: To what extent is syntax lexical?

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The above information about exploring the grammar interface conference is good. It provides me to gained certain information that.