Wmatrix corpus analysis and comparison tool


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Wmatrix is a corpus analysis and comparison software tool. It provides a web interface to the USAS and CLAWS corpus annotation tools, and standard corpus linguistic methodologies such as frequency lists and concordances. It also extends the keywords method to key grammatical categories and key semantic fields.

Wmatrix allows the user to run these tools via a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, and so will run on any computer (Mac, Windows PC, Linux, Unix) with a web browser and a network connection. Wmatrix was developed by Paul Rayson initially in the REVERE project, extended and applied to corpus linguistics during PhD work and is still being updated regularly. Earlier versions were available for Unix via terminal-based command line access (tmatrix) and Unix via Xwindows (Xmatrix), but these only offer retrieval of text pre-annotated with USAS and CLAWS.
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Dear Mr Xu,
i have send several e-mail to Paul Rayson to apply for a username of Wmatrix, but he didn't reply. i used e-mail box of my college instead of a private one as he asked. i don't know why?