Pattern Grammar

Pattern grammar was developed by Susan Hunston as she worked with a Cobuild-based project-grammatical patterns (a two-volume book-noun+verb). Her PG is not such a theoretical concept as Construction Grammar. PG captures the continuum-status between lexis and grammar based on probablisitic corpus data.
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Here is a book review conerning H&F's work: Pattern Grammar: A Corpus-Driven Approach to the Lexical Grammar of English

In this book Hunston and Francis describe an approach to lexical and grammatical description that was used to produce two remarkable Collins COBU1LD reference works,
Grammar Patterns 1: Verbs and Grammar Patterns 2: Nouns and Adjectives (Francis, Hunston, and Manning 1996, 1998). This approach uses large amounts of corpus data to make discoveries about lexical items and the specific phraseological and grammatical
patterns in which they regularly occur. It is corpus-driven (as opposed to corpus-based)
in the sense that corpus data are analyzed with minimal theoretical presuppositions
about grammatical structure.
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Prof. Gui Shichun (2004) translated Pattern Grammar as 型式语法。Any comments?