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New English PhD with rhetoric and discourse studies component and distance option---Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA USA

The PhD in English, now in its first year, is an innovative program that
integrates writing, rhetoric, discourse, technology, and textual studies.
Offering opportunities for creative reinterpretation of these fields within
the discipline of English, we emphasize research that examines texts in a
variety of overlapping and sometimes competing language-based worlds. Our
focus is on how the creation and reception of texts and media are affected
by the form, purpose, technology of composition, audience, cultural
location, and communities of discourse. All students take 15 hours of core
courses, 9 hours of electives, a 3-hour Dissertation Seminar, and 12 hours
of specialized courses in one of two fields:

* Rhetoric and Textual Studies. Designed for those interested in
applying the analytic tools provided by rhetoric, linguistics, and
critical/literary theory to the study of verbal, graphic, and visual texts,
this track prepares students for placement and advancement in academic and
nonacademic careers related to the study and teaching of rhetorical
theories/practices, composition instruction and administration, as well as
rhetorical approaches to composition, discourse, literature and culture.

* Professional Writing and New Media. Designed for those in education and
industry who wish to study the connections between discourse and technology
and involving both theoretical exploration and experiential learning, this
track prepares graduates for leadership roles in technical and professional
communication, composition instruction and administration, and software

Students may pursue full- or part-time study through a combination of
on-campus and distance learning courses. At present, we offer one to two
distance learning courses per semester, and distance students will visit the
campus to take six to nine additional hours through our Doctoral Summer
Institute program, which offers intensive study of major issues in English
Studies in the company of nationally-known specialists.

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Professor Jeffrey H. Richards
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