a new book about corpus linguistics :Corpus, Cognition and Causative Constructions

Corpus, Cognition and Causative Constructions
Ga?tanelle Gilquin
Université catholique de Louvain

Studies in Corpus Linguistics 39

2010. xvii, 316 pp. + index
Publishing status: In production
Expected: March 2010

Hardbound – Not yet available
978 90 272 2313 5 / EUR 99.00 / USD 149.00

English causative constructions with cause, get, have and make are often mistakenly presented as (quasi-)synonymous and more or less interchangeable. This book demonstrates the value of corpus linguistics in identifying the syntactic, semantic, lexical and stylistic features that are distinctive for each of these constructions. It also underlines the usefulness of providing corpus studies with a solid theoretical foundation by showing how corpus linguistics can be fruitfully combined with cognitive linguistics, which is used both as a starting point for the analysis (top-down approach) and as a framework within which to interpret the corpus results (bottom-up approach). From a methodological point of view, the study illustrates the complementarity of corpus and elicitation data, and offers tools and methods that could be used to investigate other syntactic structures. Finally, the book also has a pedagogical dimension in that it examines how the research findings can be applied to foreign language teaching.