Prof. Gerald Nelson

Nelson教授 B.A. M.A. PhD (University College Dublin)


Research Interests
English grammar, corpus linguistics, world Englishes, lexicography, the history of English and the history of linguistics.

Selected Publications
An Introduction to English Grammar (with Sidney Greenbaum) 3rd edition. London: Longman. 2009.

'John Florio', 'James Harris', 'James Beattie', and 'Thomas Sheridan', in Lexicon Grammaticorum: A Bio-bibliographical Companion to the History of Linguistics (2nd edn) ed. Harro Stammerjohann. Max Niemeyer. 2009.

World Englishes and Corpora Studies. In Kachru, B., Kachru, Y., and Nelson, C. (eds.) Handbook of World Englishes. Oxford: Blackwell. pp.733-50. 2006.

The Core and Periphery of World Englishes: A corpus-based exploration. World Englishes 25(1), pp.115-129. 2006.

Nelson, G., S. Wallis & B. Aarts (2006) Getting Started with ICECUP 3.1. London: Survey of English Usage.

Description and Prescription. In Brown, K. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Oxford: Elsevier, 2nd edition, pp.460-465. 2005.

Exploring Natural Language: Working with the British Component of the International Corpus of English. Varieties of English Around the World, G29, Amsterdam: Benjamins. (with S. Wallis and B. Aarts) 2002.

The Internet Grammar of English. University College London. 1998. A version in simplified Chinese is available here (translation by Jin Qui)

Bolton, K., G. Nelson, & J. Hung (2002) A corpus-based study of connectors in student writing: Research from the International Corpus of English in Hong Kong (ICE-HK). International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 7:2, pp.165-82.

Nelson, G. (1997) Cleft constructions in spoken and written English. Journal of English Linguistics, 23, 4, 99. 340-48.

Current Research:
Coordinator of the International Corpus of English (ICE) project.
The ICELite project, funded by the Arts Faculty, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Preparing an invited chapter entitled 'Grammar: Quantitative Methods' for The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Wiley Blackwell.

Preparing a plenary talk entitled 'ICE and ICELite: Comparing Englishes' for the 6th National Natural Language Processing Research Symposium, Manila, The Philippines, Sept 25-26 2009.

News February 2010

  • I am very pleased to announce the release of the ICE Canada corpus.

  • The corpus is available to download under licence from this site.​

    The next ICE Workshop will be held in Giessen, Germany, on Wednesday, 26 May 2010.​

    The ICELite Project has now been successfully completed, thanks to funding from the Arts Faculty, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. A report on the project was presented during the ICE Workshop in Cebu, and is available here.​