AntConc (version 3.2.3) released for Windows, OS X, and Linux

Dear All,

This is a quick note to let you know that a new version of AntConc (version 3.2.3) has been released for Windows, OS X, and Linux. You can download it from the regular place:

A complete description of the software including all changes can be found here:

To celebrate the release, I have also created nine tutorial screencasts. In the videos, I have tried to explain all the basic functionality of the various tools in AntConc. You can watch them here:

They are also available on my YouTube Channel here:

Let me know how you find the new software.

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回复: AntConc (version 3.2.3) released for Windows, OS X, and Linux

The feature "Put tab spaces around hits in KWIC display" is good.


回复: AntConc (version 3.2.3) released for Windows, OS X, and Linux

the function of calculation of key words from the given word list is great.
thanks a lot.


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回复: AntConc (version 3.2.3) released for Windows, OS X, and Linux

New Features in 3.2.3:
1) Massively simplified the engine used for sorting and displaying results. This will allow for improved performance later.
2) Introduced a Concordance preference setting allowing tab spaces to be added around the search hit in the KWIC concordance view. Introducing this means that the toggle shortcut key ‘x’ to show/hide the KWIC search term has had to be removed. This function can now be accessed via the (fixed) menu option. I also hope to reintroduce this toggle shortcut key later.
3) Introduced the option to use word list(s) of reference corpus files instead of directly processing the raw files. This allows fast generation of keywords and also allows users to generate keyword lists even when the reference corpus is not available (but a word list is). See the Keyword List section for further details.
4) Introduced feature to output the counts of types and tokens for each tool when saving results as a text file.
5) Changed some of the default settings in response to user feedback:
6) Concordance Tool sort level s are set as 1R, 2R, 3R.
The Collocates Tool Stats measure is now displayed and calculated.
Two other changes are:
a) A revised interface that adjusts better when maximized to the full screen.
b) The ability to drag the file pane to the right allowing the user to see the full path of files.

(They are not really new features, but just interface improvements.)

I still haven't worked on improving the software for Chinese/Japanese/Korean text processing. That will be introduced next.