Using corpora in language studies (1)


hey! could you take the trouble of telling us whrereabouts of the books, like the author, publishing house, date of publication,etc. perhaps someday i will quote something in my paper! thanks a lot! nice day!


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McEnery, T., Xiao, R and Tono, Y. (2005) Corpus-based Language Studies. [Routledge Applied Linguistics Series] London: Routledge.
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In my opinion, patterns and Meanings consists of case studies which make use of corpora and concordance technology. Each case study elaborates a problem area, makes reference to both the descriptive and applied literature thus far, and then suggests ways of exploiting corpus data to shed light on the problem. Language phenomena investigated include word sense, phraseology and syntax, metaphor and creative use, text reference, idiom, and translation. Emphasis is given to information that usually cannot be found in dictionaries, grammars, language textbooks or other resources, but which the study of corpus data makes available.