Downloadable wordlist of BNC


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Downloading the BNC wordlist

This is a zipped wordlist made using WordSmith Tools 4. It will not open up in Excel, Word, Acrobat reader, etc. but can be read & understood by WordSmith Tools. If you want a paper or Excel copy, you can use WordSmith and then save as Excel, text, etc within WordSmith.

To use it

a. download it (approx 4MB in size), saving it to your hard disk, e.g in c:\temp
b. unzip it (click here if you need Winzip). Inside there is BNC_World.lst (about 14MB in size).
c. start WordSmith 4 and use the WordList tool to open c:\temp\BNC_World.lst.

downloadable wordlist of BNC World corpus
thanks, Dr.XU!
how can i change the capital letter in the wordlist into small letter?

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In the toolbar of the wordlist, click on the icon marked with "Aa" (the 5th from the right). You can click on it repeatedly to have the effect you like (all upper cases, initial-capitalised, all lower cases).


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以下是引用 xiaoz2005-7-31 8:14:00 的发言:
The circled button in the above screen dump.

but Richard, mine wordsmith4 looks different. and i still haven't fixed it.

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My screenshot is form WST3. In WST 4, go to the Wordlist menu, select View - Layout - Case and make your choice.
still can't be fixed. and tried every button as you said above-layout--case-UPPER/Title/lower/Source, but nothing has been changed.

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it's not a problem. Richard, i had a wrong operatation. i should have clicked the word instead of "set", what about this screenshot? but i still can't have the buttons you have in WS3

That's right. Only when Word is selected can the case be changed.

In WST3, the toolbar only appears when a word list is created or opened.