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Vol 14.2, 2004, Special Issue on Corpora, Language Use, and Grammar, edited by Hongyin Tao.

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04008 Special Issue of Corpora, Language Use, and Grammar - Introduction, Hongyin Tao[Abstract]

04009 From collocation to idiomatic expression: The grammaticalization of hao phrases/constructions in Mandarin Chinese, Yung-O Biq[Abstract]

04010 The discourse function of the sentence with an indefinite NP subject, Anchun Liu, Bojiang Zhang[Abstract]

04011 A Statistical Analysis on Relative Clauses in Chinese Conversation, Mei Fang, Junghwa Song[Abstract]

04012 A Usage-Based Study of Preposed Verbal Quantification Structures in Chinese, Jing Chen, Hongyin Tao[Abstract]

04013 Overlapping Speech in Chinese Conversation, Kawai Chui[Abstract]

04014 Categorical ambiguity and information content:A Corpus-based study of Chinese, Chu-Ren Huang, Ru-Yng Chang[Abstract]

04015 Switch Reference and Pronouns: Contextual Dependency of Reference Accessibility in Mandarin Chinese, Liang Tao[Abstract]


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其中多数文章是MS Word格式的,也有的是pdf格式的。我建议还是统一为pdf格式比较好一点。