a piece of advice


our BBS is a very good academic, dynamic bbs, because we have several active learned corpus linguists such as Dr.Xiaoz , Dr. Xujiajin ect. and many corpus fans or learners.
and Dr.Xiaoz is in Britain, he always patiently answers all of our questions and helps us and introduces many dynamic information of Corpus linguistics in time in Britain or in the world and provides many precious original articles written by foreigners, and most of us are in China.

if we can invite several others, for example, Chinese learners or native in Canada(famous for bilingual language research), USA, or in European Countries, then our BBS will become international. that's the trend, and also, corpus linguistics asks for the trend. is that right?
Good idea. I think Jiajin has sent an invitation to some selected VIPs.
Yes. I sent a mail to some 20 linguists, at home and abroad, who are more or less intereted in corpus-related studies.
International guests might have difficulites in the navigation. I'll push this site to a more internationally accessible one later.
i'm also interested in corpus. very excited to meet you experts here and try to log on more later