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In memory of Professor Stig Johansson: A role model and helpful friend to be always missed and cherished

In this short passage, I will not review Stig’s magnificent contributions to corpus linguistics in general or his pioneering work in multilingual corpora and contrastive and translation studies in particular; I will rather remember Stig as a role model and helpful friend.

While I have known Stig for ten years, we talked with reach other only on a few occasions when we met at conferences. The last time when we exchanged emails was in late 2009, when I invited him to write a short review of my book Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010), and when Dr Silvia Bernardini and I invited him to give a keynote lecture at the 2010 conferenceof the Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (UCCTS) series which we are jointly organizing at Edge Hill University in July 2010.

Although his working capacity was “a bit reduced” after his retirement, Stig gladly accepted both invitations. In order to “write a few lines about the book”, he actually took pains to read “the whole manuscript” of 550 pages! I am deeply impressed by Stig’s meticulous and rigorous scholarship as demonstrated in this incident as well as in his usual works, and believe that he is an excellent role model for academics of later generations including myself.

When Stig accepted our invitation to the UCCTS2010 conference, he was also careful enough to arrange for his colleague Professor Hilde Hasselg?rd to step in for plan B in case he would not be able to travel because of his health. He even remembered the conference at his sick bed and asked Hilde to contact us about plan B when he was hospitalized three months ago. While I am indebted to Hilde for her willingness to help out, and plan B does promise an equally interesting talk, I am sure that Stig will be missed at the UCCTS2010 conference.

Indeed, not just at the conference, Stig will always be missed and cherished by many as a good teacher, an excellent role model, and a helpful friend.

May he rest in eternal peace in heaven!

Richard Xiao
June 2010
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Active ,a helpful teacher on earth,
Peaceful May he be,amen, in heaven.