Metaphor and Corpus Linguistics


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Metaphor and Corpus Linguistics

Alice Deignan
University of Leeds

Benjamins, 2005. x, 236 pp.

HB: USD 132

Metaphor is a topical issue across a number of disciplines,
wherever researchers are concerned with how speakers and
writers package and process messages. This book is addressed
at readers from diverse academic backgrounds who are
interested in ways of researching metaphor from different
perspectives, and especially through corpus linguistics.
A number of approaches to and exploitations of metaphor,
including conceptual metaphor theory and cognitive
approaches more generally, text and spoken discourse
analysis, and CDA, are discussed, explored and critiqued
using corpus data. The book also includes corpus linguistic
studies of different aspects of metaphor, which investigate its
linguistic and semantic properties and relate them to current
theoretical views. The book demonstrates the need for
naturally-occurring language data to be used in the development
of metaphor theory, and shows the value of corpus data
and techniques in this work.