Prof. Susan Hunston - leading pattern studies


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Susan Hunston has an MA and a PhD from the University of Birmingham. Susan has taught English at the National University of Singapore, and Applied Linguistics at the University of Surrey. More recently she was a Senior Grammarian with COBUILD. She has also taught ESL/EAP in Britain and the Philippines.

She is currently Deputy Head of the Department of English, and chair of the School of Humanities Postgraduate Programmes Group. She is the convenor for the full- time MA programmes at CELS.

Susan’s research interests are: Discourse Analysis, especially the study of evaluation, and academic discourse; and Corpus Linguistics, especially corpus-driven grammar, applications of corpora to language teaching, and the relationship between corpus and discourse studies. She is author of Corpora in Applied Linguistics, co-author of Pattern Grammar, and co-editor of Evaluation in Text. She has also written numerous articles on Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics.

Dr.Hunston's Corpora in Applied linguistics is very pratical ,and I think it is out of her preious experience in COUBUILD project. This book gives many new insights, such as what corpus can do and not do, the definition of corpus,ect.
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:)请问各位老师如何能得到Corpora in Applied Linguistics这本书的电子版呢?我在网上只能搜到部分章节.谢谢
回复: Prof. Susan Hunston - leading pattern studies

回复: Prof. Susan Hunston - leading pattern studies