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Prof. Sylviane Granger is a pioneer in learner corpus research and also the founder of the International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE). Sylviane is currently a professor of English Language and Linguistics, and the Director of the Centre for English Corpus Linguistics and the Institute of Languages, Université catholique de Louvain. She has published and lectured widely on learner corpora and contrastive interlanguage research. For more information, see Sylviane's website: team/granger.html
Granger S. (ed.) (1998b) Learner English on Computer. London & New York: Addison Wesley Longman (228 pp.).
Part I: Learner Corpus Design and Analysis

1. The computerized learner corpus: a versatile new source of data for SLA research: Sylviane Granger
2. Computer tools for the analysis of learner corpora: Fanny Meunier

Part II: Studies of Learner Grammar, Lexis and Discourse
3. Vocabulary frequencies in advanced learner English: A cross-linguistic approach: Håkan Ringbom
4. Overstatement in Advanced Learners' Writing: Stylistic Aspects of Adjective Intensification: Gunter Lorenz
5. An automated approach to the phrasicon of EFL learners: Sylvie De Cock, Sylviane Granger, Geoffrey Leech & Tony McEnery
6. The use of adverbial connectors in advanced Swedish learners' written English: Bengt Altenberg & Marie Tapper
7. Direct questions in argumentative student writing: Tuija Virtanen
8. Writer/reader visibility in EFL written discourse: Stephanie Petch-Tyson
9. Automatic profiling of learner texts: Sylviane Granger & Paul Rayson
10. Tag sequences in learner corpora: a key to interlanguage grammar and discourse: Jan Aarts & Sylviane Granger

Part III: Pedagogical Applications of Learner Corpora
11. Comparing native and learner perspectives on English grammar: A study of complement clauses: Doug Biber & Randi Reppen
12. Using a learners' corpus in compiling ELT dictionaries: Patrick Gillard & Adam Gadsby
13. Enhancing a writing textbook: a national perspective: Przemyslaw Kaszubski
14. Exploiting L1 and Interlanguage Corpora in the Design of an Electronic Language Learning and Production Environment: John Milton
15. Learner corpus data in the foreign language classroom: form-focused instruction and data-driven learning: Sylviane Granger & Chris Tribble
回复: Prof. Sylviane Granger- learner corpus pioneer

回复: Prof. Sylviane Granger- learner corpus pioneer

非常谢谢,正在找她的文章,但是网上一直都没找到她的From CA to CIA and back
回复: Prof. Sylviane Granger- learner corpus pioneer

在Granger个人的website上可以找到这篇文章的pdf版本,Contribution à un ouvrage collectif那一类里,仔细找找。