En & Ch 911 Report is now available for download


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The text of the 911 Report is now available for download.

ia m sorry! could you tell me what 911 report is about before i star to download it, dr. xu? thanks a lot!
oh yes i see ! i thought it was, yet i was not so sure ! thanks a lot, mr xiao! so the report is based on that? how about the source of the report or is it a collection of report on 911 from big-named periodiclas?
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Is this sharable?

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i have a chinese edition, and we can make a paralell corpus, hehe.
patricx's exe version has to be decompiled to htmls and then converted to texts, but I failed to do the decompilation with the tools I have. Sigh.
i have also failed to decompile them to htmls, and i am sorry to have no htmls edition. a friend of mine gave me this.