The BNC is now freely downloadable


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In 2014 there will be some changes in the way that the British National Corpus (BNC) is distributed.

It is now possible to download the British National Corpus at no cost from the Oxford Text Archive at the following URL:

BNC Baby, a 4-million word sample of the BNC is also available:

Click on the ‘apply for approval’ link to request a copy. The BNC continues to be subject to the same user licence conditions, which can be viewed at If you have already paid for permission to use the BNC, you should consider that this continues to be valid in perpetuity.

There is an even simpler download option if you have a login ID from a UK or eduGAIN Shibboleth identity provider (usually, this applies to all members of UK universities, and many European institutions). You can follow the links at the locations above to download the corpus directly without applying for approval. We hope that this facility will soon be extended to users from other countries who participate in the CLARIN Federation.

It will remain possible to order the BNC on disks from the University of Oxford until the end of March 2014, with the current administrative charges still applying, from the following URL:
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It's amazing news, and I've just now got the approval after one day! Yes, it did work.
It's great to have BNC in full from an official and reliable source. Hurry to make a draw from OTA, and there might be a short window for the free downloading (hope it lasts long).
Thanks so much, Prof. Xiao, and try your luck, guys.


回复: The BNC is now freely downloadable

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