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Parallel image text corpus of Chinglish

<place>Near the entrance of Beijing Yonghe Gong</place>

<text ID="yonghegong">
<p language="Chinese">参观雍和宫向南150米</p>
<p language="English">Visiting Yonghe Gong towards south 150 metres</p>
<p language="Chinese">严禁携带超长香进入雍和宫</p>
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<place>Lobby of Beijing Airport Garden Hotel</place>

<text ID="yonghegong">
<p language="Chinese">贵重物品请在行李部寄存</p>
<p language="English">Valuble goods should be stored in luggage depar(t)ment</p>

I do hope this continuous collaborative attempt would come up with a usable parallel corpus.
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It is really a good idea. However, I also want to know how you make it work. Where will you store the parallel image text copus? You will not store all the things on this website, won't you? And how shall we search for the specific thing I want from the accumulated stuff later on?
We will manage to categorize the texts and images and merge all the texts into one big file for download which we searchable of course.

Since the image files have corresponding filenames to the texts, we can easily locate the corresponding images as well. We will compress the images into one too for download.

Any other good idea for the usability of the corpus?
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If nothing else, this would be a fun collection for sure!
It will be a great idea to compile this type of corpus for the benefit of some Chinese translators.
Parallel image text corpus of Chinglish

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